Go digital with your HR department

Digitise your daily Human Resources processes

Speed up time and remain in compliance with local and international hiring laws, while transforming your daily processes into an unparalleled digital experience. Easily and safely onboard new talent and engage with them via various digital channels. Strengthen your appeal to young and digital savvy candidates to further improve your employer brand.

Speed up onboarding

Give new hires a first digital and intuitive experience. Meet all compliance requirements at the same time that you reinforce your brand with your employees.

Automate your HR

Digitize your workflows, eliminate friction and get your documents signed in no time. This will allow you to focus on finding new candidates and improve productivity.

Fully white labeled

Own the entire signing experience. With Connective’s solutions, you can keep your brand up front and centered when creating, signing or sending documents. Our solution, your brand identity.

Streamline any
HR workflow

Manage any document-intensive task digitally and create a fully digital experience for you, your employees and customers. 

Talentsoft Customer Case

Talentsoft offers a 100% digital HR experience

To complete the digital journey and create an end-to-end flow for the HR market, Talentsoft has reached out to Connective for the Connective eSignatures and Smart Documents solutions. The addition of these new features make the ‘Talentsoft Hub’ solution a market first.


Accelerate the signing process with more than 90%
thanks to Connective eSignatures.


Easy integration in existing CRM & HR tools

Through a complete and seamless integration with your existing HRM systems, the history of documents created, signed and delivered is always available in the cloud. Standard connectors with tools like Pega, Talentsoft, Microsoft Dynamics and SalesForce are also available.

Securely onboard new talent

Digitize your HR processes, from onboarding to internal workflows, with Connective’s solutions. Onboard new candidates and employees through your website or portal in a quick and easy way using intuitive digital identification and signature methods. This way you are sure about the identity of the person you are dealing with.

Secure onboarding

Connective solutions for Human Resources



Offer your customers a user-friendly way for digitally signing all types of documents to avoid losing time and using paper. Compliant with all rules and regulations (eIDAS, UETA, eSIGN).

Identity Hub

Easily verify who’s on the other side of the deal. Identify your customers with the most versatile & trustworthy solution for digital identification. It’s all about trust.

Smart Documents

Design, manage and personalize all your business documents in one central platform that doesn’t require any programming. A flexible, efficient and cost-effective all-in-one solution.

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