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Digitize your daily Human Resources processes

Speed up time and remain in compliance with local and international hiring laws, while transforming your daily processes into an unparalleled digital experience. Easily and safely onboard new hires and engage with them via various digital channels. Strengthen your appeal to young and digital savvy candidates to further improve your employer brand.

  Employment contracts

  New hire paperwork

  Job offer letters

  Training and appraisal forms

  Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

  Supplier agreements

  Annual reviews

  Benefit & Talent Management

  Direct Deposit authorizations

Digital HR

Accelerate the signing process with > 65%

The traditional process of printing, scanning and emailing back documents to collect signatures becomes completely redundant thanks to our safe and intuitive eSignatures solutions. Having contracts digitally signed by all parties avoids shipping time and can accelerate your signing process drastically. 

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Easy integration in
existing HR tools

Through a complete and seamless integration with your existing HRM systems, the history of documents created, signed and delivered is always available in the cloud. Standard connectors with tools like Pega, Talentsoft, Microsoft Dynamics and SalesForce are also available.

Integration API digital signatures

Securely onboard new candidates

Digitize your HR processes, from onboarding processes to internal workflows, with Connective’s Solutions. Onboard new candidates and employees through your website or portal in a quick and easy way using intuitive digital identification and signature methods. This way you are sure about the identity of the person you are dealing with.

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This is what you’ll get

Digital Insurance
Speed up new employee onboarding

Give new hires a first digital and intuitive experience. Meet all compliance requirements at the same time that you reinforce your brand with your employees

digital Signatures
Automate your HR department

Digitize your workflows, eliminate friction and get your documents signed in record time. This will allow you to focus on finding new candidates and improve productivity.

digital Signatures
Fully White labeled

Own the entire signing experience. With Connective’s solutions, you can keep your brand front and center when creating,  signing or sending documents.

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