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Simplify document-intensive tasks with Connective´s Identity Services, Smart Documents & Digital Signatures for the legal industry

Reliability is paramount when it comes to running a trusted, first-rate law firm. Records, like clients, deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and deserve to receive the highest quality service. Paper can no longer do the job. Connective´s Identity Services, Smart Documents and Digital Signatures for the legal industry will help them digitise and simplify the document-intensive tasks the industry tackles every day, such as:

Digital Transaction ManagementBusiness contracts and agreements
Digital Transaction ManagementBoard minutes

Digital Transaction ManagementShareholder agreements

Digital Transaction Management  NDA´s

Digital Transaction Management  Policy management and compliance

Digital Transaction Management  Audit and inventory documentation

Digital Transaction ManagementProcurement Contracts

Digital Transaction ManagementStatements of work

Digital Transaction ManagementAnd many more

Reduce time and cost drastically

Are you keeping count on how many documents are sent to sign in a day in a law firm? Probably not! With the Connective solutions you can keep track in a blink of an eye of what contracts were sent out and you can do an easy follow-up of all your signed and to be signed documents. Which allows you to save valuable time and money.

Digital Signatures for the legal Industry

Improve customer satisfaction

Both businesses and consumers today are going paperless which leads to a greater use of the internet and mobile devices to conduct business – anytime, anyplace.

By offering the possibility to onboard remotely and sign documents digitally, you can provide the effortless experience these people have become used to while increasing their overall satisfaction with your services.



“ Thanks to the Connective eSignatures solution we drastically streamlined and simplified the signature process. This allows us to save time and carry out procedures in France as well as worldwide more quickly,” 


Benoit Philippart La Tour International
Benoit PhilippartLa Tour International

“One of the main reasons for us to choose for Connective is the fact that they are a well-established European party offering digital signature and identification solutions. This makes us not only future proof when we want to expand business across borders, but also guarantees us that we will be able to use additional signing methods in our own country, such as itsme®. Secondly Connective eSignatures highly values GDPR compliancy. As a bonus we don´t need to compromise on user experience.”

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Anneleen Vander Elstraeten
Anneleen Vander ElstraetenFour & Five

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