Simplify document-intensive tasks
in the legal industry

Digitize your daily legal flows

Reliability is paramount when it comes to running a trusted, first-rate law firm. Records, like clients, deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and deserve to receive the highest quality service. Paper can no longer do the job. Connective´s Identity Services, Smart Documents and Digital Signatures for the legal industry will help them digitise and simplify the document-intensive tasks the industry tackles every day.

Reduce time and cost

Create, send and sign your legal documents digitally and reduce time and costs drastically. All without compromising on compliance.

Client happy

Increase customer satisfaction

By offering the possibility to onboard remotely and sign documents digitally, you can provide the effortless experience your clients have become used to while increasing their overall satisfaction with your services.

Favorite device

Conclude contracts on any device

Your smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet? Choose your favorite device to conclude the deal. 

Streamline any legal workflow

Manage any document-intensive task digitally and create a fully digital experience for you, your employees and customers. 

Four And Five

Four & Five, Belgian law firm to benefit from digital signatures

By implementing Connective’s digital signatures platform (eSignatures), Four & Five spares both their co-workers and customers from the hassle of chasing signatures. This evolution makes them one of the first Belgian law firms that executes legal contracts 100% digitally.

Integrated into your favorite legal tools

Besides offering Connective eSignatures as a stand alone solution, we also partner up many 3rd party solutions. Our signing tool is implemented within more extensive platforms which can assist you to innovate your business even more (e.g. corporate housekeeping, contract management, automated contract drafting, …)


Send an invitation to any of your Salesforce contacts and let them sign any document digitally using Connective eSignatures.



Easy to use contract drafting software for the legal industry fully integrated with Connective eSignatures.


Manage, optimize and sign all your contracts digitally in one centralized contracting solution.


A data-driven platform making corporate & legal housekeeping more practical, accurate, and above all digital by integrating Connective´s eSignatures.


Connective eSignatures seamlessly integrated in the all in one remote workplace tailored to lawyers.

PowerAutomate (Microsoft)

Manage, optimize and sign all your contracts digitally in one centralized contracting solution.

Connective solutions for the legal industry



Offer your customers a user-friendly way for digitally signing all types of documents to avoid losing time and using paper. Compliant with all rules and regulations (eIDAS, UETA, eSIGN).

Identity Hub

Easily verify who’s on the other side of the deal. Identify your customers with the most versatile & trustworthy solution for digital identification. It’s all about trust.

Smart Documents

Design, manage and personalize all your business documents in one central platform that doesn’t require any programming. A flexible, efficient and cost-effective all-in-one solution.

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