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Digitise your daily banking flows

Banking can be made just as simple as booking a holiday online. We enable you to comply with ever more complex regulations, without compromising on customer experience. By redesigning this entire experience you can transform actions like opening a new bank account, recruiting a new customer or completing a financial document.



online credit card request

Request for a debit
or credit card

client onboarding

Customer onboarding & KYC





electronic signatures

much more

Digital identification

Financial services are all about trust. Our Identity Services solution offers an identity hub to banks, through one single API, that makes it easy for your customers to digitally identify themselves. The applications can range from KYC, customer onboarding and customer data renewal through to gathering contracting data for proposals. This way identity can become a key differentiator for your financial institution and even a new source of business.

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Sign safely

eSignatures, electronic signatures

Your customers’ signature is another core ingredient of your interaction. You have to make sure that your customer can easily sign documents and contracts without risk. Therefore, we offer both

  Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) to fulfill the most stringent legal requirements while preserving best-in class user experience

  Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES).

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Digital Documents

The digital alternative for your document management

Digital Documents have a clear advantage over paper documents. With our Digital Documents solution, we empower financial institutions with the agility, flexibility and speed required for staying ahead of the curve. Digital Documents allows you to digitally design your templates and documents. Afterwards, you can maintain and manage them in one central location, without any programming.

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A digital society needs a digital identity. That is why Belgian Mobile ID created the mobile app itsme® which manages your identity from your smartphone. 

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