Connective contributes to the Imaging COVID-19 AI initiative

Imaging COVID-19

It’s a special time for people all around the world. We are in lockdown, battling against a virus that has its grip on society. But in times of crisis, the human race always shows why it is one of the most evolved species in history. Being in this situation brings out creativity in all of us. It makes us look for ways to bond, work together and launch initiatives to aid the ones who are in need of help.  One of these initiatives is Imaging Covid-19 AI, which Connective is very proud to be part of.

Recently we’ve come across one of greatest initiatives we’ve seen so far: Imaging COVID-19 AI. This is a European project to enhance Computed Typography (CT) for diagnosing Covid-19 by use of Artificial Intelligence. The project group is creating an AI model for automated detection & classification of the viral infection on CT scans and for assessing the severity of the disease by quantification of lung involvement.

Many different hospitals and institutions across Europe will collaborate on this project to develop a solution as soon as possible, which will be made freely available to all participants for clinical validation.

Connective eSignatures facilitates and speeds up the signing process

As Connective we are proud & humbled that we too can contribute to this amazing project. We are providing a dedicated environment on Connective eSignatures for all participating hospitals & parties.  Our solution will be used to facilitate and speed up the sending & signing of legal documents, including the CRA (Collaborative Research Agreement). This agreement contains the signatures of all parties involved, giving their approval and consent to participate to this project.

This agreement has been set up by AContrario Law and is crucial for this project. It provides the legal basis for parties to share & label pseudonymized research data, in order to train and develop the AI algorithm for diagnosing COVID-19 infection and its level of severity. They have made sure that all data sharing happens safely within a GDPR-compliant environment and form.

We want to extend our gratitude to the European Society of Medical Informatics, the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Robovision and Quibim for launching this heartwarming initiative and for allowing us to contribute to it.

We are confident that their research and AI-algorithm will be a great help to continue and win the fight against COVID-19.

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