How to benefit from technology as a law firm and how to start with digital signatures?

How law firms benefit from digital signatures

The legal industry is being disrupted as we speak. Especially law firms are feeling pressure from the market to become more cost-efficient and business oriented. Additionally, there is more competition on the market due to the rise of so-called Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSP’s). Many law firms are therefore investigating how to implement technology to their advantage, in order to keep up with their client’s expectations and to be able to provide competitive services. In this blogpost we share straightforward tips & tricks how to start innovating within your law firm.


What customers expect

The way clients look at their lawyers has changed drastically over the past decade. Business lawyers are expected to be an extension of their client’s organizations and to have a business mindset. Each service provider should take into account what its customers are looking for, also law firms.

And of course, clients are looking for high quality legal advice when consulting a law firm. But your client’s journey doesn’t stop there. And that is exactly where you can make a difference.

Law firms preparing themselves for the future look beyond than what is at the core of their business. They embrace technology as they understand it will never replace them, but that law firms using technology will replace those who don’t.

Currently the legal industry is in full transition, but within 5 to 10 years there will be no business left willing to pay for services which can perfectly be handled by technology. Lawyers willing to become future proof should focus on where software cannot replace them.


Start by walking, before running

Legal Tech solutions are rising stars. They come in all sorts of solutions. Depending on the size of your law firm, the processes you are looking to streamline and the budgets you have, the focus of your innovation process might be different. But lots of small and mid-sized law firms do not have the resources to hire legal engineers to optimize their processes and assist in implementing technology. That is why you should start small. Decide on which process you want to tackle and make sure to focus on that particular topic.


Signed, sealed, delivered

One of the most convenient processes to streamline as a law firm is the signing process of agreements. First of all, you will provide added value to your client, who will no longer have to chase signatures of the relevant signers. The signing software will do it for you.

Additionally, signers can sign from all over the world, speeding up the process in general. Your client will experience a much faster, cost-efficient process which will without a doubt result in customer satisfaction and an even better retention of your client portfolio.

By introducing electronic signing as part of the service you offer, you will step up your game and make a difference by doing more than only providing legal advice as such.

The (r)evolution has started

Due to COVID-19, many law firms are speeding up the implementation of technology within their organization. At Connective, we are first row witnesses of such evolution. We have many clients in the legal sector choosing for Connective eSignatures as their digital signing tool for mainly 3 important reasons:

1) Easy to integrate

Connective eSignatures comes as a stand-alone online portal to use. To have an idea on how it works, feel free to take a look at our tutorial videos here. Additionally, we also offer an API version of our solution at no additional cost, making it possible to integrate with the software you are using today.

2) Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signing

Connective eSignatures offers several different signing methods including Advanced and Qualified electronic signatures. These types of electronic signatures offer additional warranty related on the identity of the signer, and are therefore often used by law firms willing to integrate electronic signing. If you want to know more about the legal value of each type of electronic signature under eIDAS, UETA, eSign Act we invite you to take a deep dive into DLA Piper’s Whitepaper on Connective eSignatures.

While the Advanced electronic signature is seen as the perfectly balanced signature between user experience and risk management, the Qualified Electronic Signature is the most secure type of electronic signature available. Both methods are perfect for the Legal industry but to choose the right one for you we advice you to read our article ‘Three types of electronic signatures, three levels of reliability: which one best suits your needs?’

3) User experience

Connective eSignatures offers an easy-to-use online cloud portal where you can sign documents electronically in less than a minute. Upload your documents, select the signers, choose your preferred signing method and you are good to go. Our signing tool will automatically contact the signers and will provide signed copies to each party involved as soon as signing was done.


Eager for more?

Besides offering Connective eSignatures as a stand-alone solution, we also partner up with some of the finest Legal Tech Solutions. Our signing tool is implemented within more extensive platforms which can assist you to innovate your business even more (e.g. corporate housekeeping, contract management, automated contract drafting, …)
Feel free to take a look at the legal tech solutions integrating Connective eSignatures:

   Nathan Schryvers – Legal Counsel, Connective

Contact us if you would like to have more information.

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