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As the world’s number one customer relationship management (CRM) system, Salesforce has rightly earned its reputation as an effective and efficient tool, enabling businesses to work smarter, and not just harder.

Imagine then, if you could make the cloud-based platform even more powerful by adding on the ability to generate contracts, invoices and other critical documents within the application itself. Here, we explore the benefits of doing just that by integrating Salesforce and Connective’s Smart Documents and eSignatures solution – giving you a truly seamless and dynamic CRM tool.

Multiplying the power of Salesforce through integration

By connecting marketing, sales, ecommerce, and customer service on one platform, Salesforce has enabled businesses across the globe to streamline processes. Scalable and easily customised, Salesforce provides multiple users with a single, complete view of its customer base.

Despite this, there are still some essential business practices that teams are forced to do offline. Namely, setting up vendor contracts and creating invoices. Not only is this inefficient, it makes real-time updates and tracking difficult to monitor. It’s also disruptive to workflow and human errors can lead to costly and damaging mistakes.

Integrating Connective Smart Documents and Connective eSignatures doesn’t just enhance the power of Salesforce, it enables complete end to end customer management that will provide you with numerous benefits, including:

Simplifies working practices

Using just a single ecosystem, you and your teams will be able to oversee every account from every angle encouraging greater transparency and clarity of working practices.

Another key benefit of integration is that a simplified process enables greater efficiency, freeing up precious resources so that teams can chase new business, exceed sales targets and ultimately, boost your bottom line.

Saves time and maximises team resources

Integrating the entire customer management process doesn’t just simplify it, it saves time too. For example, when your sales team agrees a deal, they can use an existing bank of templates and turn them into customised contracts.

Using Connective Smart Documents, you’ll be able to specify everything from the product or service right down to the cost. You’ll also be able to tailor contracts to include free text space and add selection buttons that enable recipients to respond.

With just a few clicks, you’ll have generated a complete and tailored document that can be sent directly to clients all within the Salesforce space. In fact, by integrating Smart Documents and eSignatures, managers and team leaders could save up to five days simply by capturing and creating all CRM within the Salesforce platform.  

Improves accuracy and lowers the risk of human error

Contractual mistakes are easy to make, especially if busy teams are in the habit of copy and pasting clauses from previous agreements. This can damage customer relationships and lead to broader reputational damage. In addition to this, teams lose valuable time as they try to fix errors.

Both Connective Smart Documents and eSignatures can help teams avoid these problems by ensuring all the details are correct at source. Previous contracts can also be stored and accessed at a moment’s notice.

Keeps all teams updated

From beginning to end, the sales process can be long and complicated, involving different teams and a number of individuals. From the initial sales rep, legal department and aftercare team, integrating both Connective Smart Documents and eSignatures to Salesforce provides teams with accurate, up to date information all at the same time.

Connective eSignatures in Salesforce allows you to easily create & sign documents without having to leave the CRM. 

Why choose Connective Smart Documents and eSignatures?

Connective Smart Documents is easy to integrate using our API. Our eSignatures solution is already available within the Salesforce AppExchange – which means zero additional investment.

Plus, Connective eSignatures also provides you with various options depending on whether you need a basic, advanced or qualified signature. As well as flexibility, our qualified digital signature option is recognised as legally binding throughout the world and meets strict compliance standards, including:

Combining Connective Smart Documents and eSignatures with the power of Salesforce, can revolutionise day to day working practices with a direct and measurable impact on sales and revenue.

So, whether your business is taking its first steps towards digital transformation or has already started the journey, invest in the future of your business with Connective Smart Documents and eSignatures through our API or the AppExchange. 

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