Connective eSignatures is the first electronic signature solution that integrates FranceConnect

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We are very proud to announce that Connective eSignatures is the first electronic signature solution to integrate FranceConnect. From now on, every citizen in France can sign any document electronically by identifying themselves with one of their existing accounts in FranceConnect.

About FranceConnect

FranceConnect is an identity federator, initiated by the French Government that give users access to multiple public services without having to create a new account each time. The main purpose of FranceConnect is to simplify and secure digital identification so a user can easily connect from one of his existing audited accounts (,, La Poste´s identité numérique, Mobile Connect et Moi, Alicem) to many online services, for example to apply for a passport, to access a pension plan,…

Since its launch in 2016, FranceConnect has proven to be a very efficient, accessible and innovative solution for identification. Today, the program counts more than 20 million unique users and more than 13 million connections via FranceConnect every month.

Nicolas METIVIER, CEO of Connective, proudly explains: “In France, we do not yet have a national electronic Identity card. For this reason, we are very lucky to have FranceConnect which has become a very good and secure identification alternative. Adding it to the electronic signatures portfolio was a logical step in Connective´s ‘glocal’ strategy. Thanks to FranceConnect we now have one of the most secure ways in France to identify a person, so our eSignatures customers know exactly who is signing their documents.”


Benefits of the FranceConnect integration in Connective’s digital signature solution

Integrating FranceConnect in the Connective eSignatures solution has many advantages.

First, any person using FranceConnect in France can now sign 99% of the existing types of documents, with exception of just a few types of documents that still require a handwritten signature. Secondly, when a new identity provider is added to the FranceConnect hub, it is also automatically available to reuse it to sign document electronically. Another advantage is the fact that Connective eSignatures users do not have to create a new account or remember new credentials to sign their documents, they simply reuse one of the accounts they know in FranceConnect. This results in a hassle-free and secure experience for the users.

Jerôme BORDIER, CEO at SEALWeb states: “As part of the registration process of some identity providers including L’identité numérique of La Poste or Mobile Connect et Moi, you must supply a French passport or a French-issued identity document. That is why we can claim that when a signer chooses to identify himself with help of one of these three identity providers to sign a document, the signature meets the requirements of an advanced electronic signature.”

Christine BALIAN, director of the program FranceConnect : “FranceConnect is today deployed at more than 800 online services, of which about thirty are private services. With the integration in Connective eSignatures, users can not only identify themselves and access their applications, but also sign their documents via a trusted service. The user thus benefits from a completely online, secure and simple process. We are delighted with the integration of Connective eSignatures into FranceConnect’s existing offer, which allows us to offer more possibilities to users and thus contribute to the success of the program”.


Questions about FranceConnect integrated in Connective eSignatures? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Connective eSignatures is now Nitro Sign Premium

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