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Strongly identify and verify the existence of any of your users or customers by using the Connective broker service.

We support a uniquely wide range of EU national authentic sources and eID schemes (such as .beiD, DNI electronico, SwissID,…) or other “substantial” trusted sources such as bank initiatives (itsme, iDIN,…) or governmental initiatives (France Connect, DIGID,…)


Through a wide choice of authentication methods, going from public eID schemes & national authentic sources to other relevant initiatives you allow your users or customers to secure their access to your portal, site or other digital environment within the blink of an eye. While ensuring that only your authorized users get access.

Create a reusable digital Identity

Strongly register your customers regardless their country of origin. Link their physical identity with a digital identity and provide them with a secure but more importantly easy-to-use mobile ID on the smartphone of their choice. All through our Digital Identity Creation platform (ConnectID).

No need for eIDs, cardreaders or tokens.

“Since 3 year we started with the digital transformation of Acctive BVBA. Only when we integrated the eSignatures solution of Connective in 2017 we could complete the digital circle. Documents are exchanged in a fully digital way and when a signature is required it can be done through tablet or desktop. Connective´s solution totally met our requirements and could moreover be integrated in a simple and quick way.”

Lander MarrannesAcctive BVB

Choose wisely. The perfect balance between a flawless customer journey and required legal compliance is within your reach.

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Wide range of easy to use identification means

Connective Identity Services covers a wide variety of national authentic sources and public and managed eIDs covering large parts of the EU.

Covering as many EU countries with the best of breed identification means is our ultimate goal.

Frictionless onboarding process, on any device

Connective’s Identity Services is the vital link for your digital onboarding process. Easily gather your customer data via an online registration form, generate the required contracts to present to your customer and allow him to conclude his onboarding process with a digital signature through connective eSignatures. Connective Identity Services is fully responsive across all devices, which will ensure you with an unseen end-user acceptance rate.

Identity Services

Performance in the cloud and on premise

We offer you the luxury of choice. Our solutions are available through a hosted setup or deployed on-premise mode. Depending on your organization’s needs Connective will provide you with your preferred total solution.

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Using (eID) smartcards or tokens has never been easier thanks to the Connective Browser package

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Put an end to frustrations caused by recurring difficulties when connecting smartcards (like eID,…), tokens, signing hardware and certificates.
A quick ‘one-shot’ installation of ‘the Connective Browser package’ enables you to seamlessly identify yourself with your smart card or token.
Say goodbye to all technical difficulties: such as Middleware, Java runtime, card reader drivers, browser restarts and many others. We will make sure that it simply works, every single time.


Integrate once, use many

All of Connective’s Identity services can be disclosed via a single point of integration. No need to develop nor maintain new connections and individual integrations with national authentic sources or eID providers.

With Connective Identity Services you’ll be able to easily disclose newly added or additional identification methods as your business grows. No need to develop new integrations, Connective’s unique integration layer will solve those challenges for you. Implementation duration can start as from a few days.

La Tour International is using the Connective advanced electronic signatures solution (eSignatures), in response to the increasingly international nature of exchanges with our resolutely nomad clients, to improve fluidity, speed and safety,