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Connective´s eID enrollment service succesfully integrated in itsme ® to create your mobile identity.

A digital society needs a digital identity. That is why Belgian Mobile ID created the mobile app itsme® which manages your identity from your smartphone. Today itsme® is ready for the mass market. Connective is proud to announce that its software products are used by itsme® for its eID enrollment service.

The itsme® app offers all Belgian citizens with the unique opportunity to get a mobile ID on their smartphone allowing them to identify themselves online and to conduct digital transactions in a highly secured way. The app replaces the laundry list of passwords, user names, tokens and card readers with an intuitive application to access a wide range of services online. This ultra-secured solution uses a unique combination between your mobile phone, your SIM card, your own biometrics and your personal itsme® code. Although the eID will not be replaced by itsme® and thus will co-exist, itsme® is the mobile verified ID version of the eID card with equal legal value online.

An example

Consumers can use itsme®this new digital identity, to access a wide range of online services, from opening a bank account, requesting government documents or just logging in to their favorite website. Imagine for example taking out a car insurance online. Since this is a high-value transaction, the insurer wants to be 100% sure about the identity of the person that is taking out the insurance. Instead of letting him/her filling out multiple forms, scanning his/her eID and repeating the same information over and over again, the company will now be able to let the consumer identify him/herself with a mobile phone and his/her itsme® digital ID.

How does it work?

Creating an itsme® account is easy. Everyone over 18 years old who owns a smartphone and a bank account at one of the Belgium´s major banks or having the Belgian Identity card (eID) at its disposal, can create his/her digital ID. Once you installed the app on your smartphone, you can easily onboard by a one-time authentication at your bank, or by using the PIN of your eID card. After the authentication you will be asked to choose your 5-digit password. This password, that you need to enter for each (trans)action, will be verified by the app as well as the handset and the SIM card to identify you. If just one of the three elements (smartphone, SIM card and itsme®-code) is missing or incorrect, your digital identity cannot be used. This strong authentication makes the app extremely secure, easy to use and compliant with digital privacy requirements.


A promising success

Today, itsme® has already been activated for over 125.000 times. Even without a major roll-out this looks very promising.

Connective´s role

Connective plays a crucial role in the onboarding of itsme® users to the itsme® app. Belgian Mobile ID chose to integrate the intuitive and secure Connective Identity Services solution to enable an authentication through eID. An itsme® user now has the choice to either (i) register for itsme® through its bank account at one of the Belgium´s major banks (in this case it is the bank that provisions the identity of the eID to Belgian Mobile ID through its Know-Your-Customer processes) or (ii) directly online by using its eID. This two-channel approach helps Belgian Mobile ID not only reach full coverage of the Belgian market (e.g. those who have no account at one of the major banks, public servants, other), but it also assures Belgian Mobile ID with business continuity in case a bank application would fail.

“Since today Connective is already well present within the Belgian banking ecosystem & many other industries in terms of identification & digital signatures, we were instantly convinced that working with them would the right thing to do. Even more, thanks to our collaboration, we will be able to bring Belgian Mobile ID services also to the clients of Connective in the near future”

Kris de Ryck
Kris De Ryck, CEO Belgian Mobile ID

True Partnership

The collaboration between Belgian Mobile ID and Connective is already long beyond a mere client-supplier relationship, instead it has become a true business partnership.

The itsme® app fills a need that we at Connective see with our current clients, especially when it comes to mobile identification and digital signatures. Connective in return offers a full end-2-end identification and signature hub for any type of transaction on an international level. As Connective’s products have become an indispensable part of the Belgian Mobile ID ecosystem and thus we know the inside-outs of their solutions, it is evident that we will also offer itsme® services to our clients in the months to come.

Both Belgian Mobile ID and Connective are excited about this partnership and are already discussing the next steps to jointly internationalize this groundbreaking solution into the rest of Europe.

More soon!

About Belgian Mobile ID

Belgian Mobile ID is a joint venture by the seven market leaders from Belgium’s banking and telecommunications sectors: Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, CBC/KBC & ING, on the one hand, and Orange Belgium, Proximus & Telenet, on the other. The consortium has developed itsme®, the Belgian benchmark in the field of mobile identification and privacy protection in the digital world.

By using this mobile app, every Belgian citizen is now able to unequivocally prove their identity when they connect to digital applications, confirm (payment) transactions and even sign official documents. The itsme® app is a new online identification and authentication solution, specially designed for the digital age and highly secure.

With a 5-figure code, itsme® is particularly user-friendly and offers all Belgian users full control and optimized security for their personal data on the web.

So itsme® is built on four pillars: user-friendliness, privacy protection, accessibility to all, and security.

itsme® to prove it’s you


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