Insurers: easy is the new loyal!

DIA connective

Over the last couple of years, insurance companies managed to deliver the promise of security through strong actuarial functions, rigid document driven processes and intermediated distribution channels. Consequently, this has led to complex products with little services and cumbersome consumer interactions.Today, customers expect insurers to offer the simplicity and accessibility they’ve grown accustomed to in other sectors. Simplified and compelling products that are offered through a streamlined digital process accompanied by an exciting customer journey are increasingly rewarded by the customer.

In the following video, filmed at this years´ Digital Insurance Agenda in Amsterdam, our CEO Eric Bohner explains that if insurance companies want to achieve this, they must answer the customer’s needs with easy and quick to understand products. They should guide them through streamlined digital channels and provide instant offerings that feel personal! During this demo you´ll discover how strong Identity Services & legally binding eSignatures have become indispensable for insurers in order to offer customers exactly that type of experience without compromising on compliance.

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