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New risks for insurers

Managing risks has been an insurer’s bread-and-butter for over a century. Throughout the years it has been fine-tuned and is at the core of today’s insurers day-to-day business. For decades this has resulted in growing business and consequently strong bottom-line results. In recent years however, incumbent insurers are facing a new type of risk due to changing client expectations and regulatory burden, this risk is more profound and can be summarized as the risk of no longer being relevant. Small, agile and innovative newcomers engage their customers in new ways by leveraging technology and a customer-oriented strategy. They offer a seamless, flawless and accurate customer journey by embracing a completely digital transaction. Client onboarding, customer communication, contract negotiation and digital signing all from the comfort of your phone, tablet or laptop in a multi-channel onboarding process.

Why should incumbents welcome Insurtech?

These tools help accomplish a faster time-to-market, efficient and cost-effective workflows and consistent customer communication. Companies can safeguard their business from disruption. Adapting themselves as a longtime insurer against these changing business models requires innovative solutions without a major impact on the back-end systems.

What to expect of the Webinar

In the Webinar we will guide you through the process of removing paperwork from commercial document based transactions. This to enable insurers to offer their new & existing customer an end2end digital experience, cut costs, reconnect with the customer and expand business. We present several concrete and recognizable client-cases and showcase applications of our insurtech solutions.



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