Connective’s eSignatures solution indispensable part of Corporify’s legal housekeeping platform


Corporify offers a data-driven platform to make corporate & legal housekeeping of companies more practical, accurate, trustworthy and above all digital. To create an end-to-end digital process for their customers, a qualified digital signature had become indispensable. That is why they integrated Connective’s eSignatures solution in their portal: to simplify legal processes and ensure the documents’ legal validity.


Lean legal is Corporify’s creed. Legal company management can involve tedious administrative processes. Corporify strives to remove these administrative burdens and make corporate legal processes more lean. Their services are aimed at legal professionals, either working for a company or at a legal firm.

Their platform supports management of legal data, like legal entity management, digital shareholder registers, mandates management and legal document & risk management. It also facilitates the complete corporate decision-making process by offering smart alerts and automating legal document generation.

To eliminate the burden of chasing signatures and to create a closed-loop process, Corporify integrated Connective´s eSignatures solution in its platform. From now on documents can be signed in a digital and secure way.


Corporate decision making from A to Z

Decisions made in these meetings are only valid if they comply with all relevant corporate regulation. This requires a lot of administration and official documents, like mandates and minutes.

The new Belgian Companies Code (Wetboek van Vennootschappen en Verenigingen) is a breakthrough, providing more opportunities to process the procedure of these meetings fully in writing. Still, the process entails many documents and signatures. Corporify’s platform can generate these documents and, thanks to the integration of Connective eSignatures, automate the signature flow which makes the process less time consuming.

Another example is the procedure of year-end closings. Before integrating the eSignatures solution, accountants had to print and send the documents to the client for signing. This took up a lot of their valuable time, chasing and following up on administration. After receiving their signature, copies had to be printed and archived. Now, with the qualified digital signature and the mandatory digital time stamp the documents can be processed completely digitally, while being compliant and legally valid.


A responsive partner offering a legal and intuitive eSignature solution

A “qualified digital signature”, following eIDAS regulation, was Corporify’s most important requirement for finding the right provider. This qualification ensures the documents’ legal validity within Europe.

At the same time, they didn´t want to compromise on user experience. So, the solution had to be intuitive. And third, Corporify wanted a partner they could rely on, both during the technical set-up as in the follow-up phase.

Connective turned out to be the right partner. As Corporify is a Belgian company working with international European clients, Connective’s possibility to sign with the Belgian .eID, Itsme® and other European digital identity applications, was a big plus.

Maarten Poulussen, Managing Director of Corporify adds: “To be able to provide good service to our clients, we expect our partners to do the same and to back us up when needed. We need quick replies and trustworthiness to be able to help our clients timely and adequately in urgent legal situations. Connective delivers service at this level.”

Additionally, good communication and detailed documentation of the API helped Corporify to develop the solution technically within a short time frame. Towards customers the partnership will offer a complete solution. As Maarten Poulussen puts it:

“The eSignatures solution and our legal platform create a smart synergy. Connective’s solution integrated in our technology simplifies not only corporate M&A transactions and the legal housekeeping it entails, it also facilitates many legal professionals and accountants in their day-to-day job.”


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