Connective & PDF Butler – a partnership that bears fruit

Connective PDF Butler partnership

We are very proud to be partnering with PDF Butler – Document Generation, which has integrated eSignatures, our solution for digital signatures, into its Salesforce application. How did this partnership come into being, and why is it of added value to customers? We’ll explain all of it in this blog.

Joining forces for added value

In our ever-more digital world, PDF Butler allows users to design and configure a variety of documents so these can be automated, personalized, and branded in a few clicks. While promoting its motto, ‘Paperless working’, among customers, PDF Butler noticed an increasing demand: users wanted to digitally sign documents in order to shorten their sales cycle. The search for a partner began.

Salesforce put PDF Butler in touch with Connective, which also has a Salesforce connector. Right from the start, there was a mutual understanding. « We both saw the added value of an integration, » says Igor Stuyver, owner of PDF Butler.

« Users who deploy Salesforce as a CRM and sales management tool already maintain customer lists, contracts, and products to be sold. Now, generating a quotation is only one click away, and they can instantly send it to their contact who is able to sign it digitally. Once the document is signed, the process is completed. Printing out and scanning paperwork is no longer needed: Connective automatically sends all relevant contract information to Salesforce, and that’s that. »

Connective, in turn, also saw how the integration would be an asset. Users often requested that certain tasks, such as creating and editing invoice templates, were automated. « We used to meet this demand on a project basis, » says Magali Biron, Chief Marketing & Alliances at Connective.

« But PDF Butler turned out to have an out-of-the-box solution, and by joining forces we could enable full template automation.







Benefits for Salesforce users

Salesforce users benefit from the partnership in a variety of ways. The process is automated in the CRM tool, which means they can skip manual steps and organize the signing of agreements from their desktop or smartphone. In a single click, they’ve sent a quotation, thus acting on a sales opportunity. Then it’s on to the next one. In other words, the combined forces of PDF Butler and Connective enable a very user-friendly environment. This roots in the philosophy of both companies, which centers around a fully digital solution and a smooth user experience.

Another advantage of the integration is the fact that different signing methods can be offered. Customers wanting to place a legally valid signature can easily use identification methods in several countries. « Especially when it’s a major contract, you want to be 100 percent sure the signer is properly identified, » Magali explains. « With Connective, going through the ID check is a fully legal yet extremely user-friendly process, which can be completed worldwide. »


The process from A to Z: single-click convenience

So, what does the entire process look like for Salesforce users? Well, suppose you’re at a customer’s office, entering information on an iPad to prepare the deal you’ve just discussed. On the screen, you will see the PDF Butler plugin, where you can retrieve a preview of the document in one click. Together with the customer, you run over the contents to check whether all information has been entered correctly. Then you forward the contract to get a digital signature. All data available in Salesforce (such as name, email address, and phone number) is automatically included.

Having received the document, the customer scrolls through it (so as to review all information and comments) and signs it digitally. Salesforce instantly incorporates the signed document, including all relevant information such as the date and manner of signing (for example, ID, text message, or email). If the customer doesn’t place a signature, you can send a notification from Salesforce kindly asking why the document has not yet been signed.

Incidentally, the application is not merely useful for sales projects. « Other industries can also benefit from it, » says Igor.

« In HR, for instance, there’s a growing demand for a digital experience. Whether completing a candidate onboarding or a contract signing, companies require the convenience of generating documents in a single click. »






























And it doesn’t stop there. Other examples of use cases include business contracts (legal), new client onboarding (leasing), construction licenses (government), and account openings (financial industry).


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