Four & Five, the first Belgian law firm to benefit from digital signatures

Digital Signatures for law firm

When your customers are tech companies, they expect tech solutions like digital signatures!

The recently established law firm ‘Four & Five’ gets off to a flying start. By implementing Connective’s digital signatures platform (eSignatures), they are sparing both their co-workers and customers from the hassle of chasing signatures. This evolution makes them one of the first Belgian law firms that executes legal contracts 100% digitally. 

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Four & Five is a business law firm, with a specific focus on corporate law, M&A, IT law, technology and GDPR, combining legal insights with a fresh and focused mindset. Their main goal is to become a no-nonsense legal partner for their clients and a one stop shop for all legal challenges they may encounter. Those challenges range from gathering legal insights, contract negotiations, documentation to even the signing of these documents by all stakeholders.

As a tech specialist, Four & Five wanted to digitise their services in the broadest sense possible by leveraging existing technology. With Connective eSignatures, they took a big step forward in that objective. Thanks to this solution they can offer their clients the possibility to sign with the .beID. Which creates a qualified electronic signature, equivalent in legal value to a handwritten signature. Digital signatures allow Four & Five and her customers to save precious time on administrative tasks such as printing, scanning and chasing paper documents.

“One of the main reasons for us to choose for Connective is the fact that they are a well-established European party offering digital signature and identification solutions. This makes us not only future proof when we want to expand business across borders, but also guarantees us that we will be able to use additional signing methods in our own country, such as itsme®. Secondly Connective eSignatures highly values GDPR compliancy. As a bonus we don´t need to compromise on user experience.”

Anneleen Vander Elstraeten

Anneleen Vander Elstraeten, Managing Partner at Four & Five


Today Four & Five digitally signs all kinds of legal documents including: contracts, meeting minutes, engagement letters with clients, … They don’t just offer the Connective eSignatures solution as a service to their customers, they also use it to sign internal documents like internship contracts, policies, addenda to contracts, etc.

Implementing a digital signatures platform offers several advantages. Within the legal profession documents often contain multiple scanned pages converted to large PDF files which causes an overloaded mailbox and accompanying error messages for recipients. Connective eSignatures handles those large files perfectly, making printing and scanning documents totally obsolete. Furthermore, the identity of the signatory is validated while ensuring that the digitally signed document cannot be tampered with after signing. The solution is based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology applying both document and signature timestamps.

The integration of the Connective´s solution for digital signatures went very smoothly. Only 24 hours after our decision, the solution was fully rebranded to Four & Five and ready to use.” says Anneleen.

Nicolas Metivier, CEO at Connective concludes: “We are very proud to be the first solution in Belgium used by the most trusted industry in the market. The fact that Four & Five chooses for Connective eSignatures states that our solution is solid and secure.”


Nicolas Metivier, CEO at Connective


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