Online mortgages for Keytrade with Connective eSignatures


Keytrade Bank first Belgian Bank to offer online mortgages

As the leader in online trading and banking in Belgium, Keytrade Bank has the strategic objective to develop an online one-stop financial shop enabling customers to manage their finances by themselves, in both a transparent and simple manner.
To offer a complete end-to-end online customer experience from client onboarding to the digital signing of a contract (including online mortgages) Keytrade Bank appealed to Connective for the eSignatures solution.

Keytrade bank aims to be the digital alternative for classic retail banks. Which is why they choose not to invest in local branches or ATMs. Instead the bank offers all services through her website. This way customers can manage all their financial affairs at any time on their preferred device whilst enjoying maximum performance at the lowest.

Download the full customer case here.

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