Immoweb launches digital lease agreements using Connective eSignatures


Immoweb, Belgium’s leading real estate website, incorporated Connective’s eSignatures solution in its new smart Immoweb Docs. As from now landlords can easily set up a customised lease agreement by filling out all details on the property and agreed arrangements. Last step is for both landlord and tenant to sign the document using the qualified Itsme® signature. This makes it legally valid within Belgium.


Immoweb, Belgium’s leading real estate website.

Immoweb is a well-known name for most Belgians. The leading real estate website is the undisputed leader in the Belgian real estate market for selling or renting out property. Their website attracts more than 300,000 unique visitors every day.

Following the corporate strategy of its German parent company Axel Springer Digital Classifieds, Immoweb aims to offer more digital products and services. Immoweb sets up incubators with young IT-professionals to develop smart and useful tech products. This digital lease agreement is the first solution to be released. Soon they will extend their digital offer with a document for the inventory of fixtures, a tenancy termination letter and insurances.


A customised digital lease agreement

Immoweb has already offered a lease agreement which could be customised. However, it still had to be printed and signed offline to be binding. By adding a qualified e-signature with just one click, the digital document is now legally valid as well.

The landlord can set up the lease agreement online at Immoweb Docs. Registration is not required. He can personalise it by adding details about the property, agreed rent and other agreements. Then he can share the document digitally with the tenant. To make it legally binding both parties sign the document online, using Itsme®. This app, used by 1,5 million Belgians, guarantees the highest level of assurance for an electronic signature according to the European eIDAS legislation. Within a few minutes everyone can set up a legally valid lease agreement. 

A lease agreement signed by this type of electronic signature is legally recognised in Belgium since 2012.

Eric Peeters, sales manager at Connective BeLux states ‘We are very proud to work with the largest real estate platform in Belgium and to implement our electronic signature solution as an essential part to make their digital lease agreements legally binding in Belgium.’

To simplify the leasing process even more, Immoweb recently developed the possibility to digitally register the agreement with the Belgian authorities. This last step saves landlords a lot of red tape effort, with just a few simple mouse clicks.

See how it works:


A seamlessly integrable e-signature solution

A year ago, Immoweb was looking for the right partner to incorporate the last step of the signature to their digital lease agreement. As they wanted to be the first real estate website in Belgium to offer a digital lease agreement with Itsme®, Connective was the designated party. No other company offers this qualified mobile signature. This way Immoweb is able to let their users choose between different eSignatures possibilities: SMS OTP, mail OTP, eID and of course itsme®.

Immoweb chose Itsme® and Connective because the eSignatures solution is user friendly, easy to integrate with their smart documents and IT-systems, legally valid and last but not least adaptable to their corporate identity

These characteristics made the solution seamlessly integrable within Immoweb Docs.

Grégory Noirfalise, Project Lead Switch business at Immoweb concludes: ‘The collaboration with Connective is very effective since the beginning, we found the technical savviness we were looking for.’

The e-signature solution was released within less than one year after the first contact between Immoweb and Connective. This shows how aligned the solution is with Immoweb’s documents.


Appreciated by the users

From the amount of downloads it is clear users appreciate the smart lease agreement. Since its release in June 2019, just 2 months ago, the full digital version including the e-signature is already used by 1 out of 5 users on Immoweb Docs. This proves that the digital document is both practical and user friendly.


Would you like to know what Connective’s eSignatures can add to your digital document workflow? Contact us to discuss possibilities.

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