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Bovemij – a Dutch insurance company – has successfully launched e-signatures for insurances as the last piece of their 100% digital insurance application procedure. Since the start of September, Bovemij’s customers can apply for car insurance and roadside assistance packages through a completely digitized customer journey. The customer can finalize this application by digitally signing an insurance proposal with Connective’s eSignatures solution. Initially the online application will only be available for a selected group of car-dealers that are part of BOVAG – a Dutch industry trade group. However, a rollout to all BOVAG members will follow in the coming months.

Bovemij helps corporations in the automotive industry conduct their business successfully. The company was founded almost fifty years ago by BOVAG to operate as the insurer for BOVAG members. Since its inception, Bovemij has branched out and now provides insurance and financing as well as data- and internet applications for its customers. By leveraging its knowledge of the mobility sector, Bovemij adds value for its many clients. Assurance and convenience are key elements of that value.

In keeping with this philosophy, it was time for Bovemij to eliminate the old paper forms customers were required to fill in to apply for any of Bovemij’s products. The heavy administrative burden from all that paperwork, mailing back and forth and even faxing is a severely outdated system and anything but “lean” and “agile”.

By integrating the e-signatures for insurances solution of Connective (Connective eSignatures), a Bovemij customer can now sign an insurance application with his mobile phone through SMS two-factor authentication. Upon successfully signing a confirmation is automatically sent to the customer via e-mail. The customer is never required to interrupt the online application process and continue offline as there is no longer a need for an old “wet” signature. An application can be handled in real-time through a seamless customer journey. The salesperson too, is no longer required to scan, mail or fax the signed document as the application is automatically sent to the appropriate department upon signing.

Aside from the significant cost-advantages, there is a far more important consequence of working in this manner. Not the paperwork but the customer becomes the focal point of the sales-process: the salesperson can focus on helping the customer without having to worry about any administrative tasks that need to be fulfilled.

Another innovation for Bovemij is that they allow the customer to complete the application procedure remotely e.g. from the comfort of his or her living room. The customer is guided to a personalized online portal through an e-mail hyperlink. Once the customer has filled out a digital form and confirmed his personal details, he can sign the proposal digitally. Through this online portal and thanks to Connective eSignatures, the customer can complete his insurance application by himself. A confirmation summarizing all the details pertaining to the insurance product is automatically sent to the customer via e-mail.

“We chose Connective ahead of its competitors because its solution offers extensive features for digitally signing and is extremely intuitive in its use thanks to an amazing user interface. At Bovemij, we love to work with great products coming from companies that provide guidance and vision but that can also look at things from our point-of-view. A partnership based on experience, expertise and trust. With Connective, that is most certainly the case.”

Insurance digital
Arne Wagenaar – Business Analyst at Bovemij


“Our vision was to digitize the whole process, from application to policy, in such a way that no intervention from a Bovemij employee would be necessary. We succeeded in doing so by allowing the salesperson at the dealership to offer the customer an automatically generated, personalized proposal which the customer can immediately sign digitally.

Bovemij is proud to achieve a seamlessly digital customer journey: user-friendly, secure, cost-reducing and conversion-enhancing. Based on the fruitful cooperation with Connective, we look forward to completing the next steps together.

The project is going very smoothly despite being a complex process with several necessary modifications in the proposal- and insurance systems. We are very pleased with the support and guidance Connective has provided so far. Once we’ve received initial feedback from all parties involved, we look forward to a continued rollout of eSignatures for our other products and partners.” Arne Wagenaar concludes.


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