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GDPR Webinar

GDPR, how to be compliant…

Every European company, small, medium or large is facing the same challenge today, GDPR. This regulation describes strict requirements for all European companies and organizations on collecting, storing, processing and managing personal data. Many companies do not know exactly how they need to adopt their existing processes, what they need to change in the way they collect and handle personal data of customers and employees to be compliant. A lot amongst us see it as a threat, but we love to show you how it can become an opportunity.

That is why Connective invited lawyer and GDPR expert Anneleen Vander Elstraeten of lawyer firm Four & Five to explain together with us the most fundamental elements of GDPR during a 30 minutes webinar named ‘GDPR and how digital tools like eSignatures can help your company be compliant.’

While Sebastiaan Rousseeuw, project manager at Connective, explained during this webinar how tools like eSignatures can help you become and stay compliant while securely signing all of your documents.

If you would like to learn more about this new law and what it means to your company, this webinar is just perfect for you. Download the recording and slides now!

Download the presentation and recording now! 

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