Connective’s digital signature solution compliant with Swiss, Singapore and Hong Kong law

digital signature solution compliant

DLA Piper expands assessment and confirms: Connective’s digital signature solution compliant with Swiss, Singapore and Hong Kong law

As leader in the field of digital signatures, Connective always seeks to expand to the global market. With that in mind, we asked law firm DLA Piper to expand its original assessment of the legal effectiveness of our digital signatures solution (Connective eSignatures) at a global scale.

Previously, DLA Piper confirmed that our digital signatures solution is compliant with the requirements for electronic signatures under the eIDAS Regulation (EU), UETA (U.S.), and the eSIGN Act (U.S.). Now, the law firm assessed the compliance of Connective eSignatures with electronic signature rules in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Switzerland. The conclusion: our digital signatures are legally valid in these countries, too. The results of this assessment have been published in a legal whitepaper.


ETO, ETA, FAES: doing business across borders in a safe, easy way

In Hong Kong, Connective eSignatures meets the requirements for electronic signatures under the ETO. In principle, this means that if a user puts their electronic signature on a document, it cannot be denied legal effect. However, there are a few exceptions: some documents, such as land agreements, can’t be signed electronically.

In Singapore, Connective eSignatures allows the production of (secure) electronic signatures — in conjunction with appropriate, legally compliant processes — as defined in the ETA.

Furthermore, Connective eSignatures can be used in Switzerland to create electronic signatures within the meaning of Article 2(a) of the FAES.

The conclusion of this assessment aligns with Connective’s internationalization strategy. Filip Verreth, Chief Product Officer, says,

“Our goal is to offer the Connective eSignatures solution in a wide variety of countries, so our clients can do business across borders in a safe, easy way. In our quest to realize this objective, we are constantly faced with local regulations, and it’s paramount that we meet them. The results of DLA Piper’s assessment confirm we are on the right track, strengthening our position as a global player in the field of electronic signatures.”


Global reach, local compliance

Based on DLA Piper’s assessment, our clients can continue to use Connective eSignatures in a range of countries, resting assured that the solution complies with strict regulations across the globe. Or, as Filip Verreth puts it:

“Connective eSignatures is a solution with global reach that complies with the necessary country-specific regulations!”

For more information on compliance, please consult our Trust Center.


Download the new version of the legal whitepaper!


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