Connective eSignatures, Smart Documents
& Identity solutions for the operations department

Digitise the daily paperwork in your operations department

Operations management includes the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization. Still even in Operations departments, many work happens on paper. Let´s move away from paper, digitise and create more efficiency, accuracy, productivity and great customer journeys. 

Integrate Connective´s solutions into your sales process and boost your business.

Reduce admin time and cost

No more need for printing and rescanning documents. Increase efficiency and productivity. 

Follow up 3

Easy Follow up

Track the status of a document through the approval chain in a blink of an eye and send automatic reminders. 

Improve data quality

Use Connective eSignatures, Smart Documents in your CRM to use exisiting data and reduce errors. 

Legally binding-3

Legally compliant

onnective meets and exceeds some of the most stringent US, EU, and global security standards: GDPR, eIDAS, UETA Act, e-Sign Act.

Digitise your daily manual and time consuming tasks

Integrated into your favorite sales tools


Send an invitation to any of your Salesforce contacts and let them sign any document digitally using Connective eSignatures.

Microsoft PowerAutomate

Easily integrate digital signatures in all Office365 applications with the Connective eSignatures Power Automate connector.


Manage, optimize and sign all your contracts digitally in one centralized contracting solution.

Manage any sales document digitally

Any department benefits from replacing paper and manual processes with digital tools like Connective offers, but probably none more than sales who deal with paperwork and chasing signatures every day. 

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