France Défi kann mit Connective eSignatures rechnen


Day-to-day accounting made easier thanks to Connective eSignatures

Thanks to France Défi – the first independent Accounting firm network in France – hundreds of affiliated agencies and their employees and customers can now start (ac)counting on the Connective eSignatures solution.

France Défi provides a platform for independent accounting firms of different sizes (varying from 1 to 450 employees). In their search for a solid digital signing solution for their electronic data management flow, they have found what they were looking for in Connective eSignatures.

Day-to-day accounting comprises many steps and paper-based transactions. By adopting the Connective eSignatures solution, France Défi offers its affiliated accountants the possibility to easily upload documents, have them signed instantly (face to face or remote) and automatically archived in their signed and validated form.

To facilitate all types and sizes of agencies with their different needs, Connective and France Défi are providing a flexible solution that is brought to the accounting end users both via the cloud and as an on-premise installation. With the integration of the digital signature in the form of biometric signing with the signing tablet and via mail and SMS OTP the users will be able to adapt easily to each signing situation, whether it’s the closing of a contract or the validation of a mission order.

France Défi embraced the Connective eSignatures solution for three reasons: the extreme simplicity of the solution (both in use and in deployment), the security and the compliance of Connective eSignatures with the eIDAS Regulation. By offering eSignatures to the affiliated accountants and their customers, France Défi invests in a future proof and modern brand and customer experience, which will reduce the paper hassle and increase productivity and efficiency.

“Our experience with the Connective Team was excellent. Not only did they support us during the entire deployment process, they also helped us during the change management project that involved the stakeholders of all firms. I recommend Connective because of the usability of the entire solution, but also because of the team that did a great job and closely followed up on the implementation of the eSignatures solution.”

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