Cryptomathic and Connective Partner to Deliver e-Signature and e-Sealing Services Globally

Cryptomathic partnership Connective

Governments, banks, notaries and e-ID schemes around the world can now access multi-jurisdictional advanced and qualified remote e-signature and e-sealing services from a single source, thanks to a new partnership between Cryptomathic and Connective, announced today.

The world over, organizations that deal with confidential information require flexible and interoperable trust services to sign or seal data, contracts or documents at the assurance level required in all their related jurisdictions. Regulatory differences around the world together with widespread national mandates to use local digital certificates have, until now, stifled adoption of high security remote e-signature and e-sealing technologies in cross border use-cases; a problem that is increasingly threatening to curb the growth of the global digital economy.

Cryptomathic and Connective have combined their strong skillsets in remote signing and advanced signature workflows to address this problem head on.

Under the terms of the new partnership, Cryptomathic’s e-signature solution, Signer, will provide the remote qualified e-signing and e-sealing technology behind Connective’s multi-jurisdictional e-signature solution, allowing signatories across borders to remotely co-sign documents and transactions using up to the highest level of e-signature security and legal assurance according to their respective regulations, including eIDAS (Europe), ZertES (Switzerland) and also additional eSignature Laws from Singapore, US and others. To further strengthen the offering, the partnership also includes Certification Authority and Qualified Trust Services Provider, BE-YS, which specialises in managed services in compliance with eIDAS, GDPR and PCI in a privately held data centre. BE-YS’s control over the back-end delivers an unrivalled level of flexibility for users of the solution, enabling it to integrate with a wide range of eID and video identification providers. The solution will be offered either as a trust service or as a managed service using multi-tenant, multi-policy models.

“Cryptomathic and Connective are providing a European solution to a global problem,” comments Guillaume Forget, Managing Director, Cryptomathic GmbH. “By combining our strengths, we are overcoming a major barrier to adoption for high-security e-signature services around the world. As global lockdowns continue to accelerate adoption of digital business processes, every organisation operating across borders will, at some point, need to perform a high security e-signature backed by the laws that govern its jurisdiction. Through this partnership, we have made these services quickly and easily available, regardless of where the signatories hail from.”

“This partnership extends the eIDAS regulation’s spirit of cross border interoperability to the rest of the world,” adds Nicolas Metivier, CEO, Connective. “Never in the history of the world’s economy has it been more important for organizations to be able to establish digital trust. This seemingly simple goal has been frustrated by the differences between legal mandates and the fragmented nature of the digital ecosystem. By creating a hub that can provide multi-jurisdictional compliance at the highest security level, counterparties across borders can now utilise these technologies in corporate identity, contract signing, and other transactional use-cases safe in the knowledge that their e-signature comes with the legal assurance of their local governing body.”

The partnership between Cryptomathic and Connective incorporates qualified trust services provided by BE-YS and builds on a five-year legacy of successful liaisons between the firms. The first customer implementations are already underway with both public and private sector organizations in Europe and the partnership anticipates sharing further news in the coming weeks.


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