Connective opens New York offices and announces BelCham Partnership

Connective expanding to New York

We are very excited to announce Connective has officially opened offices in New York City. Good news comes in pairs, so we are even happier to welcome BelCham – the Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce – as our first partner and newest reference in the USA!

No limits or boundaries: a ‘glocal’ digital signature solution

The United States is a market that shows an ever-increasing need for software solutions facilitating digital transformation. Moreover, New York is one of the most thriving, business-minded cities in that market.

That’s why we have invested heavily in ensuring that Connective eSignatures, our flagship digital signatures platform, is fully compliant with applicable US legislation (UETA and eSign Act, see also DLA Piper’s Legal Opinion on Connective eSignatures).

Today, the signing methods we offer range from one-size-fits-all solutions to local electronic identity cards and digital identity schemes. So far, we ensure compliance with US legislation (UETA & eSIGN Acts) as well as EU- (eIDAS regulation) and Swiss (ZertES) regulation.

Additionally, several of our multinational customers have been asking us to open US offices in order to support and service their subsidiaries in North America.

Launching our New York offices was thus the logical next step. With subsidiaries in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Spain; the need for a more local presence in North America had become an opportunity too great to ignore.

Our CEO, Nicolas Metivier, explains: The decision to open these offices is the result of the demand of the US market for a local, reliable and recognized partner to help digitize business transactions. The need for an effective, user friendly and proven solution which is easy to roll-out is huge. Whether that is for digital identification, automated document generation or legally binding digital signatures.”


BelCham, Connective´s first partner in the USA

BelCham, (Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce) is one of the largest American Chambers of Commerce, and the largest foreign business chamber for Belgium. We are very proud to welcome them as a Connective partner and name them as our newest reference in the US.

Charly Deighton, Sales Director at Connective explains:BelCham has been consulting us for some time now on how to address the North-American market and helped us with opening our offices. When we explained the added value of Connective eSignatures compared to other local SaaS offerings, they saw the strategic value for their organization. Their decision to move forward with Connective eSignatures as their digital signing solution is testament to that. We’re looking forward to convincing others to join them in that decision.
Valerie Van den Keybus, co-CEO at BelCham, adds: “With Connective eSignatures we can completely white-label the signing process for our members. This allows us to embed digital signatures as part of a larger flow, resulting in a consistent and pleasant end-to-end customer journey. In fact, we are so excited about this product, we insisted that all BelCham members are offered a discount on subscriptions to Connective eSignatures!”

In short, Connective ensures that American companies can digitize and streamline any kind of business transaction, strongly improving the customer experience whilst continuously reducing costs.

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