Connective joins forces with Swisscom Trust Services

Connective Swisscom Partnership

Connective joins forces with Swisscom Trust Services to enable Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signatures under eIDAS (European) and ZertES (Swiss) Law

Connective has joined forces with Swisscom Trust Services, the only Trust Service Provider offering qualified electronic signatures that comply with the European regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions (eIDAS) and the Swiss law on the use of certification services with electronic signatures (ZertES). This partnership and addition of the signature service of Swisscom to Connective´s eSignatures solution opens the door not only to the Swiss market but also to the international market, offering users an accessible and reliable way to sign documents with advanced and qualified signatures in compliance with local regulations.


Compliancy of Connective eSignatures

What makes Connective so unique is that we act as a hub for electronic signing methods that comply with a number of regulations including eIDAS, UETA and eSIGN Act (USA), Singapore law, Hong Kong law and Swiss law. We offer a variety of methods including many local eID´s as well as other public identity initiatives and more globally accepted signing methods like biometric signing or signing with a one-time password (SMS and email). This allows users to have their documents signed both locally and across borders without the need to worry about compliance with the laws and regulations in force. Users can simply choose the method that best suits their needs or market. If one method is unavailable or no longer meets their requirements, Connective offers users the option to swiftly switch to a different method.


Partnership that is shaping the future of digital signing

What was missing in our Connective offering was a more global applicable remote Qualified signing solution. Although a digital signature is legally valid, a qualified electronic signature is the only level, according to eIDAS and ZertES, that has the same validity as a wet signature.
Thanks to this new partnership, we have integrated the signature service of Swisscom to our own electronic signatures solution. This service includes both advanced and qualified electronic signature solutions under eIDAS and ZertES regulation that can be used on a more global scale. As a result, our clients benefit from eIDAS- and ZertES-compliant solutions, in a hassle-free and user-friendly manner. With digital signatures becoming more and more common, this partnership is certainly shaping the future of digital signing.

Nicolas Metivier, CEO at Connective, proudly states: “We are very excited about this partnership. As a well-established trust service provider, Swisscom Trust Services gives us access to the Swiss and the EU market, but in the future our solutions could be rolled out even worldwide.”


“Likewise, we see connective as a market defining force who shares our values of Trust and Innovation, it’s a win-win for all.” adds, Mario Voge, Lead Strategic Growth Manager (Europe) at Swisscom Trust Services.


“At Connective, we do believe in a “Glocal” strategy meaning that we can offer both worldwide and local signing methods. Our partnership with SwisscomTrust Services allows us, once again, to extend our signing methods to another level!” Concludes Fabrice Offret, Chief Commercial Officer at Connective.


After all, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital signatures across the globe. A simple example is a contract that needs to be signed by two parties in different European countries. One party can use a qualified digital signature because it is recognized on his market, while the other cannot because such signatures are not available in his country. In this case, our partner that enables the creation of an identity to be used for qualified signatures is Swisscom Trust Services. And thanks to this partnership, Connective can now offer its users this flexibility.


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