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Connective announces a coming release of its eSignatures and Identity Hub solutions with support for any smart card (eID), USB token or other hardware (including Wacom tablets for digital signature). Thanks to this innovation, companies can streamline their digital business transactions across borders with our new technology and have access to a wide range of new markets.

The use of eIDs all over the world is on a rise. Today, more than 70 countries have set up a national ID scheme, and most of them are issuing electronic national ID cards. Furthermore, they are being utilized with ever-growing enthusiasm by their citizens.[1]

And rightly so, because National electronic identity (eID) schemes offer great potential for identity driven processes such as logging in to a banking, health or governmental platforms etc. Apart from online authentication, many electronic identity services also offer users the possibility of signing electronic documents with a digital signature. For example, consumers can insure themselves or even buy a car or house online. So, once we’ve proven our identity, the list of services where and how they can be reused is limitless.

Connective wants to help companies that are looking to streamline these kinds of digital transactions across borders. That is why we are rebuilding our solutions so that any smart card (eID), USB token or other signing hardware such as a Wacom biometric signature pad can easily be added to the Identity Hub and eSignatures solutions of Connective. Thanks to this future-proof innovation, any client can onboard and engage customers, employees, and citizens across the world in a secure, intuitive way and have them sign documents digitally.

Improve the way you do business

This upgrade will simplify things significantly. It eliminates dependency on browsers, which means people no longer need to install a browser extension when a new token or smartcard is issued. Since it barely impacts the existing installation, this new feature will considerably reduce the number of updates required upon the support for new smart cards or USB smart tokens.

The technical ingenuity of this innovation is also reflected in its ability to support hardware that captures biometric data (establishing a unique link between a person’s signature and their identity).

Filip Verreth, Chief Product Officer at Connective: “People in many different countries can sign and identify themselves, benefiting from more user-friendliness, more effectiveness, and less IT-related hassle. The new feature will drastically improve digital transactions for you and your clients. A single one-click install without any browser dependencies that makes it easier to maintain, upgrade, and update your solution.”

Thanks to this innovative technology, Connective can accelerate its growth plan and roll out our services worldwide at a faster pace.

Connective today supports following eID cards for identification and authentication or electronic signatures. This is a non-exhaustive list. As explained in the article, we are continuously updating our solution with support for new identity cards. We can add specific eID´s or corporate Smart Cards on demand.


CountryMeansLocal Name
BelgiumBelgian eID Card.beID
LuxembourgLuxembourg eID CardLuxID
SpainSpanish eID CardDNIe
PortugalPortuguese eID CardCartão de Cidadão
SwitzerlandSwiss eID CardSuisseID
Czech RepublicCzech eID CardCZ eID
GermanyGerman eID CardOnline-Ausweisfunktion
EstoniaEstonian eID CardID Card, RP Card, Digi-ID
ItalyItalian eID CardCarta di Identita Electronica
LatviaLatvian eID CardeID karte
LithuaniaLithuanian eID CardeID / ATK
SlovakiaSlovakian eID CardSlovak Citizen eCard
CroatiaCroatian eID CardPersonal Identity Card (eOI)
the NetherlandsDutch eID CardDigiD Hoog


[1] (Gemalto

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