Connective integrates Norwegian BankID, Swedish BankID, Finnish Trust Network and NemID (Danish Digital ID) to identify and sign digitally


We are proud to be joining forces with Criipto, a Denmark-based company aiming to revolutionize how personal data is shared, stored, and processed. Through our partnership, we have integrated the Norwegian BankID, the Swedish BankID, Finnish Trust Network and NemID (Danish ID) into our solution as ways of digitally identifying new customers and digitally signing contracts remotely (Connective eSignatures). How will customers benefit, and why did we decide to conclude this partnership?


Local solution with a global reach

At Connective, we constantly look for ways to further expand on a global level. Our strategic partnership with Criipto allows us to optimally support our customers in the Nordics. From now on, their end-clients will be able to use our trusted solution to digitally sign documents and identify themselves in the way they’re used to – through their trusted local digital identity schemes.

These schemes have been truly embraced by the digital-natured Scandinavians and Fins. In Denmark, every citizen over the age of 15 may use a NemID with their bank as well as public institutions. Swedish BankID and Norwegian BankID boast similarly impressive adoption rates with over 90% of the Swedish and Norwegian population making use of their BankID every day! As a more recent initiative, Finnish Trust Network is seeing its number of users increase at an exponential rate.

As an expert in digital identification, Criipto has a strong track-record in enabling organisations to use these digital identity schemes for remote onboarding and KYC purposes. Connective ensures that digital identity can be leveraged to create eIDAS compliant digital signatures on any electronic document.

Connective wants to help companies that are looking to streamline their digital transactions across borders. Thanks to the integration of four new identity schemes any client across the world can onboard and engage customers, employees, and citizens from the Nordics a secure, intuitive way and have them sign documents digitally.


An overview of the new identity schemes and their coverage

Identity SchemeCountryCoverage
NemIDDenmark- Everybody over 15 may use NemID with their bank as well as public institutions.
- 70 mill logins/month (5.5 million citizens)
BankIDSweden- Every citizen has BankID
- 400 mill logins/month (10 million citizens).
BankIDNorway- 99% of 20-69 year olds has BankID
- 60 mill logins/month. (5.3 million citizens)
Finnish Trust NetworkFinlandFinnish Trust Network is an identity hub in Finland supporting the entire Finnish population.


Reinforcing each other’s strengths to accelerate

In Criipto, we have found a trusted partner that can accelerate with us. Our technologies were a perfect match from the get-go, which eliminated the need for many adjustments. Our shared philosophy and compatible technologies allowed us to create and implement our solution at lightning speed. Joining forces was a logical step in ensuring both our solutions could take a quantum-leap forward.


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