Introducing: XML Signing

Introducing: digitally signing XML data in a WYSIWYS environment with Connective eSignatures WATCH DEMO VIDEO In its latest version, Connective has added XML to the range of formats that can be digitally signed in the eSignatures solution. While this is a rather common format, it is still a unique launch…

fabrice Offret

Fabrice Offret General Manager Connective France

As announced only a week ago. Connective is speeding up its international development by opening a subsidiary in France. With this new office we show the commitment to assisting important clients, such as BNP Paribas, ING, AG Insurance etc. Today we are happy to tell you that Fabrice Offret was nominated…

Connective France

New Connective office in France

The market for Digital Transaction Management (DTM) is booming. Particularly electronic signature solutions are gaining widespread adoption in large part due to the implementation of the European eIDAS regulation. 


Digital signatures (re-) invented

Today, almost everyone has heard of the convenience of putting digital signatures on a contract or any other type of digital document and many have even experienced it. As digital signature solutions become more widely accepted, software providers