Connective qualified as Advanced Level ScaleUp in Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification Program

Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification

As recently announced in a press release, we are very proud to say that Connective is now one of the first ScaleUps* in the Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification program. Moreover, we were assessed as an Advanced Level ScaleUp, which is the highest rating in the program.


About the Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification Program

The ScaleUp Qualification Program was launched by Capgemini in late 2018. It is a systematic, global and time-effective automated process, to provide further insight on ScaleUps and facilitate collaboration between corporate firms and ScaleUps. In the program, the participants need to go through a 4 step evaluation process which determines the level of qualification of the ScaleUp. This four-step process encompasses web scraping, self-declaration, expert interviews and finally client feedback.

During these steps, the candidates are evaluated across four dimensions – people, finance, business and technology. As a result, the participants receive a qualification level based on this assessment: Promising, Emerging, Intermediate and Advanced.

For more information about the program go to the Capgemini website.

*ScaleUps are those StartUps that have raised funding of more than USD/EUR/GBP 1 million, have a fully dedicated management team and are already generating sustainable revenue.


Advanced level for Connective

 By qualifying as an Advanced Level ScaleUp, Connective has demonstrated high potential for innovation, revenue generation and sustainable business growth.

“Connective earned a very high rating based on the criteria assessed by the program, meaning that on each of the four pillars of people, finance, business and technology, they were ranked ‘relatively high’ or ‘high’. Effective collaboration between innovative scaleups and incumbents is key to driving ‘applied innovation’ in financial services. Outcomes like Connectives’ advanced qualification in Capgemini’s program is a first step in bringing industry trendsetters together with traditional players.”  explains Elias Ghanem, Chief New Technologies Officer and Vice President of FinTech, Europe at Capgemini.

Nicolas Metivier, CEO at Connective proudly explains: “What I really liked the most about Capgemini’s ScaleUp Qualification Program’s is the 360° view it takes. It’s four pillars analysis was broader than our business model and gave us deeper insight to our own capabilities. They put an equal focus on my team and the growth potential of our innovative products. And to me, a team that can deliver is probably the most important criterium to make a ScaleUp succeed!”


Fostering collaboration around the world

One aspect of the ScaleUp Qualification program that makes it unique is its ability to bring ScaleUps and incumbents together across borders.  For example, a French bank can be put in contact with a ScaleUp in Singapore while a Singaporean insurance company can find a ScaleUp in New York.

“Connective is a Pan-European company with locations throughout Europe. During the qualification program, we have been able to meet experts of Capgemini in the different countries. These face-to-face meetings were very important to be able to really know our business. The depth of the process and the variety of experts met are the real assets of this qualification process,” Metivier adds.


The benefits

Once qualified by Capgemini, the ScaleUp receives a badge and a recognition document to help them raise their credibility and visibility towards the corporate world

Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification


Podcast with Elias Ghanem (Capgemini) & Nicolas Metivier (Connective)

In a podcast initiated by Capgemini on the growing collaboration between Scaleups and large corporate firms, Elias Ghanem (Chief New Technologies Officer and Vice President of FinTech, Europe at Capgemini) and Nicolas Metivier (CEO, Connective) talk about the Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification program.

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