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How it all began

Davy Vande Cappelle, DOTS Technology Architect at HR and Well-being specialist at Attentia, explains how Attentia searched for a new digital signatures supplier. Attentia wanted to replace the current signing solution in DOTS, the platform that brings HR and Well-being together. They found a much more flexible, future-proof and user-friendly alternative in Connective eSignatures.

“We had a signing solution that used the Belgian eID, but were looking for a better alternative because our solution was not supported properly by tablets and mobile phones. We found Connective, which allows for qualified signing via eID and itsme®.” says Davy. 

The challenge

“As a partner that offers HR and Well-being to companies, we are confronted with lots of different documents such as employment contracts, payslips, doctor’s certificates, car policies, etc. That’s why we have a solution within our digital platform Dots, called DOTS Document Management, which brings together all the required employee dossier documents in a digital format. Documents are uploaded, stored and signed digitally in this secure archive. In our sector, documents must be signed with a legally binding signature.

For example, an employment contract must be signed with a qualified signature, as defined in the eIDAS regulation. This signature is put on par with a handwritten signature and offers the most guarantees. Even though this was already possible in our portal with an eID, we were no longer convinced of the solution’s reliability. In fact, signing on a tablet or mobile phone was no longer supported very well. Moreover, when signing with an eID, one also needs a card reader. With the previous supplier, this often resulted in a cumbersome process and it frequently didn’t work.”

The solution

“We didn’t want to throw signing with an eID out of the window, so we sought a better solution that offered signing with eID and the possibility to sign with itsme®. itsme® is an app on your smartphone that allows you to confirm your identity, approve online payments quickly and easily, log into numerous government apps without a card reader, and it’s a qualified signing method.

itsme®’s qualified signature allows consumers to legally sign documents very easily and completely mobile.

We chose Connective eSignatures because they satisfied our safety requirements the best. Connective has a very strong and transparent GDPR policy, and the signing solution complies with the strictest legislation.

Connective is clearly one step ahead of many competitors in terms of security.
Thanks to an API (Application Programming Interface) that was very easy to implement and clear documentation, there was little need for support. During the onboarding process, we were assisted very well and extremely quickly by the Head of Delivery and his team.”

Happy customer

Real numbers, real results


Attentia aims to put 15,000 digital signatures on documents in 2021.

150 %

A saving of 150% per document.

1 day

From a turnaround time of sometimes 1.5 weeks to one day.

What will the future bring?

“Connective eSignatures is interesting because in addition to qualified signature methods it also offers many other signing methods such as SMS OTP, e-mail OTP, etcetera. For certain documents, a simple or advanced signature suffices. So we can offer our clients and users other methods with the touch of a button. Moreover, it will soon be possible to sign documents in bulk with itsme®. This is already possible with eID. 

In short, with Connective eSignatures we chose a product with which we can equip ourselves for the future.”

Plenty of benefits

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