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How it all began

Sören Seels, Digital Solutions Manager at Actief Interim, explains how Connective helped simplify the digitization of the temping agency’s document flow, resulting in a more efficient, user-friendly and enjoyable experience for consultants and candidates alike.

“We were looking for an e-signature solution when Teal Partners, who developed our online portal and integrated our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) called Carerix, suggested Connective. They had previously worked together and were very satisfied with this partnership. When we first met Connective, we felt an instant connection.”



The Challenge

“As part of our digitization efforts, we looked at the entire process our consultants go through. We asked ourselves questions like, what are the most time-consuming and cumbersome tasks? How can we boost the user-friendliness of our systems? Where can our work processes be optimized? It turned out that generating our internal documents and having them signed by our candidates was a very burdensome task. 


Once candidates have gone through the entire registration and screening process at Actief Interim, they are asked to sign a declaration of intent. When they have signed a contract with a client, they also need to sign an annex to their employment contract, which includes a number of clauses specific to Actief Interim. In the past, these documents had to be printed, signed, scanned and stored onto the system. That was a lengthy and frustrating process, not only for our consultants, but for our candidates too.”

The solution


The information stored in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is automatically entered into the standard templates of declarations of intent and annexes to the employment contract. At the touch of a button a personalized document will then be generated. Thanks to the integration of Connective eSignatures, these personalized documents can be signed digitally, with an electronic signature. It’s a quick and hassle-free solution. All you need is a smartphone or a computer and you can just sign with your finger or mouse. No more papers to carry around and the documents are always just a few clicks away. 

Happy customer

Real numbers, real results


of the candidates is already using the digital signatures solution in the online portal of Actief Interim just a few months after the launch.


is the average amount of digital signatures per month in the portal.

Plenty of benefits

What´s next?

“Connective offers convenient and flexible upscaling options. For now we are only using the electronic signatures solution for internal documents, which in itself is already quite unique in our sector, but in the future we also plan to electronically sign quotations and contracts, for example. These types of documents require the highest level of security when signing electronically. Connective offers several qualified electronic signing methods which are the digital equivalent of a wet signature. They are the only methods that offer non-repudiation, which makes them perfect for such cases.”

We are also simplifying our workflow even more by reducing the number of documents that need to be signed. The aim is really to make the entire process more pleasant for our consultants, candidates and clients. Connective definitely played a key role in our digitization so far and we have worked really well together, so we look forward to building on this collaboration even further.”

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