2022, the year of the Danish MitID


The worldwide health crisis has emphasized the importance of digital solutions and its security. That is why the digital identity landscape is changing a lot lately. One of these changes is taking place in Denmark.

To meet the latest security requirements, the digital ID in Denmark is currently changing from NemID to MitID, of which the migration should be complete in 2022. This means that as of then any every Danish citizen should be able to access the public self-service solutions with MitID. This blog gives you more insights in what exactly will change.


What is MitID?

MitID replaces the current Danish Digital ID called NemID. This identity can be used by Danish citizens for various digital transactions, such as online banking, logging into and communications with public authorities, identifying themselves in other digital services and more.
Furthermore, companies and associations can integrate MitID to administer users, authenticators, certificates, roles and rights.

What will change for organizations that migrate from NemID to MitID?

Both NemID and MitID are secure solutions, but to offer a more future-proof solution, MitID was launched to comply with even stricter security requirements. 

The biggest change coming from the migration of NemID to MitID is that the new solution requires the intervention of a MitID broker. This means that companies that will use MitID for the onboarding of clients or for authentication purposes will no longer be able to integrate to the identity solution on their own. Instead they will need to engage with one of five certified MitID brokers to do so.

 This change is a good thing, because by allowing only brokers to interact directly with the core system, MitID reduces the potential risks to which the system is exposed. This means that for now it is very important for these organizations to find the right broker. Connective has a partnership with Criipto to guide these companies during the transition period and get them properly onboarded. 

Another interesting change and advantage of MitID is that a service provider will be able to differentiate the level of security. MitID uses the National Standard for Identiteters Sikringsniveau (NSIS) as its framework. In this framework there are three levels of assurance for the combined strength of registration and authentication (low, moderate and high). This means that, as service provider, you can decide the level of assurance needed for your private end-users to access your digital self-service solution. For example: with MitID it is possible to allow a user with a low level of security to only see basic information while a user with a high level of security might be able to edit information on the website or platform.

While NemID also provides electronic signature capabilities, MitID won´t. If you want to use an electronic signature solution, you will need to find a provider like Connective who is able to create an electronic signature based on a MitID identification.

What will change for the user?

The biggest difference will be for the users that did not use the NemID app but a physical card that displays unique login codes. This card will disappear and will be replaced with an app. This new system will be more flexible and is more secure against future technological threats. For these users, the switch to MitID will bring a completely new login experience. The people that already have the habit of using the NemID app will not notice a significant difference.

How does MitID work?

MitID can be used in three ways:

MitID App
MitID is basically an app which can be used on a smartphone or tablet.
To approve actions, you will be asked to manually open the application with your MitID Code that you had to choose during the first-time activation of your MitID. Then, with a swipe of your finger, you can approve actions with MitID on your smartphone or tablet. The MitID App is foremost the best and simplest option to use the Digital ID.

MitID Code Display
If you are unable to use the MitID app, you have the MitID Code Display as an alternative.
With this small and portable electronic device you can generate a one-time code that you must enter when using MitID.

MitID Audio Code Reader
In case you have impaired vision, you can use the MitID Audio Code Reader. This device reads a one-time code out loud or displays the one-time code on a large display when using MitID.

How to activate your MitID?

Those who already have a NemID will be able to use the existing digital ID to activate the MitID. Those who don’t have a NemID will need to go to the Citizen Center to receive a CPR number, which is required to obtain a MitID and for opening a bank account. More detailed information about how to activate the MitID can be found in the information folder that is available on the MitID website.

A complete digital solution

As mentioned above, besides the ability to login with MitID, some electronic signature providers also offer the possibility to sign documents and contracts with thisidentification method. To make an electronic signature legally binding, you should be capable of identifying the signer. As MitID is a recognized eID, you are sure of the identity of its users, meaning that it satisfies one of the main requirements for the validity of an electronic signature.

Thanks to our partnership with Criipto, Connective offers MitID as a secure signing solution.
Next to MitID, Connective also offers the possibility to sign with many other eID´s or other signing solutions. Discover all Connective´s signing methods, from basic to advanced and even qualified.

MitID Rollout

Rollout MitID

MitID was introduced in October of 2021 and will be made available gradually during a migration period. During this phase, Danish citizens will get notified by their online banking service, online banking app or via the Digital Post when it’s their turn to get MitID. By the summer of 2022, a final phase out of NemID is expected. Both eID solutions (NemID and MitID) will be supported during the phase out. Keep in mind that this timeline is only an indication as NemID will only be fully closed when everyone who needs a MitID has received it in 2022.
More information? Go tohttps://www.mitid.dk/en-gb/about-mitid/

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