Easily create and manage all your Smart Documents from one central platform

Less templates to maintain

Generate all possible variations of a document through one single template, by using extensive features such as multilingual capabilities, conditional logic, reusable objects, dynamic content and business rules.

Digital Documents
Centralised platform

Make it easy on yourself and reduce the number of platforms and tools to create, generate, send and sign all of your documents to one.

Digital Documents
of automation

Spare time and reduce risks. Once your mapping is completed and your templates are created your document management and communication can run 100% automatically.

Create, send and sign all your documents in a few simple steps


Design dynamic templates

Design dynamic and highly personalized business documents in an intuitive, WYSIWYG template design. Anybody with Word processing skills can design a template. Once the mapping is completed, variables, conditions, business rules and other logic can be built into the template through user-friendly interfaces and wizards.

Digital Documents
Digital Documents   Tables, pictures, charts, signature fields, etc.
Digital Documents   Business Logic
Digital Documents   (reusable) Content
Digital Documents   Personal branding

Integrate data

All the available data is linked automatically to the right template. That way you can use the information in your CRM, ERP, online forms or e-commerce systems to create contracts, marketing communications and more. This is done via an automated process, tailored to your needs.

Microsoft Dynamics
Pega Systems

Generate your Smart Documents

After the integration of the data your documents will automatically be generated in the background without any manual interaction.


Display, send & sign

The generated Smart Documents can instantly be displayed for approval, sent by email or signed digitally with the Connective eSignatures solution. This lets you shorten handling and customer acquisition time.

Client Onboarding

Stay in control

User-management (SSO support), authorisations, roles, logging and locking documents allow for a structured and controlled approach to designing templates. Multiple separated environments ensure that templates go through rigorous testing and acceptance stages before being used in production.

Branded to perfection

Organisations often offer their products and services through several labels, introducing the requirement to apply different branding to the same template. Smart Documents accomplishes this by defining ‘house styles’. These contain all the details needed for a certain brand, such as fonts, colors, paragraph styles, spacing, logos, headers & footers and so on. That way an unlimited number of house styles can be easily applied to the same template.

Digital Document

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