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Digital Signatures for law firm
When your customers are tech companies, they expect tech solutions. The recently established law firm ‘Four & Five’ gets off to a flying start. By implementing Connective’s digital signing platform, they are sparing both their co-workers and customers from the hassle of chasing signatures. This evolution makes them one of the...
eSignatures, France Défi
Thanks to France Défi – the first independent Accounting firm network in France – hundreds of affiliated agencies and their employees and customers can now start (ac)counting on the Connective eSignatures solution. France Défi provides a platform for independent accounting firms of different sizes (varying from 1 to 450 employees)....
Talentsoft eSignatures
Day-to-day HR processes imply a large amount of paperwork. Whether it’s about onboarding a new employee, adding an addendum to an agreement or closing a contract: it’s often a laborious manual operation of printing documents, passing them back and forth and storing them afterwards for years beyond an employee´s tenant. Thanks...